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Using VetCheck's Integration with Ciderhouse

The Ciderhouse-VetCheck Integration allows you to edit, create, and share Vetcheck client communications from Ciderhouse. Seamlessly engage with customers at every interaction with digital forms with e-signature, pre-treatment information, discharge instructions and home care compliance videos, which save directly into the patient history.


New client forms

Welcome packs

Health questionnaires

"What to expect" information sheets
what to expect

Booking confirmations


Consent forms with e-sign


Visual aids

Diagnostic information sheets


Discharge instructions

Digital vaccination, desexing and health certificates

Treatment plans

Home care videos

Drug profiles

Client satisfaction surveys


Social media toolkits

Educational content to be added to SMS reminders


By using the VetCheck platform, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. VetCheck is for informational and educational purposes only to support your veterinary recommendations. The content is not a substitute for professional medical or nutritional advice and does not constitute the practice of any veterinary medical health care advice, diagnosis or treatment.


This VetCheck Plugin can be accessed within your practice management system to greatly increase practice efficiencies and improve client education.

When using VetCheck:

    • Search, edit or share handout, discharge instruction, treatment plan or booking confirmations
    • Search and share online health assessments and consent forms with e-signatures
    • Create and share digital vaccination, desexing, health certificates and vet exam reports
    • Create new digital practice communications
    • View anatomical diagrams
    • Access seasonal and health social media toolkits

VetCheck Plugin will:

    • Instantly suggest handouts to support your verbal recommendations
    • Give you access to over 2000 client communication resources including home care videos
    • Auto-fill client details to personalise communications
    • Auto-fill and create patient certificates
    • Automatically save shared communications to the patient history
    • Reduce paperwork and increase convenience with digital forms with e-signature

Benefits of VetCheck:

    • Save time
    • Increase compliance
    • Build stronger client relationships and drive practice growth

What devices and browsers are supported?

Chrome is the only browser we support. Internet explorer is not supported.

Security and Privacy settings

    • Web browser needs to accept cookies
    • Javascript is turned on
    • Private browsing mode is off
    • Mobile device is running the latest operating system

Share handouts or forms

With the patient history, there will be two VetCheck buttons:

  • VetCheck NEW
  • VetCheck Download

Handouts are provided for teams to help educate their customers and to deliver high quality care at every interaction. They can be shared before as a booking confirmation, during a customer visit or over the phone. They can also be customised based on a personal conversation you may have had with the customer.

Digital forms allow clients to complete on their mobile device prior to their vet visit, reducing bottlenecks at reception during admission and reducing the paperwork.


When the VetCheck NEW button in the patient history of Ciderhouse is clicked, a VetCheck log in modal will open within a web browser.

You will be prompted to login or confirm your login details.

You will then be presented with the VetCheck Plugin dashboard.

  • All handouts – here you will be able to search and share a handout, discharge instructions, home care videos, pre treatment sheet and more
  • My handouts – here you will be able to locate your practice’s edited handouts, for sharing
  • All forms – here you will be able to search and share all existing VetCheck forms from treatment waivers, boarding admissions and more
  • My forms – here you will be able to locate your practice’s forms

Once you have selected your handout and form, click SINGLE-SHARE. The client details will pre-populate within the share modal for you to click "share". Check the client details are correct before sharing.

The VetCheck communication can be personalised individually for the client via the share modal.

In this area you can add:

  • Next appointment
  • Confirm any plans or findings
  • List medications

These details are permanent additions to the communications and will remain part of the patient record on top of the handout or form below.

Clicking share handout or form button will ensure the communication is shared to the client and saved to the patient file.

An email will be sent to the client from the VetCheck Plugin with a link to the chosen communication. All communications shared from Ciderhouse will be automatically stored wihin the patient history.

To share a handout/form/diagram:

  • Firstly, locate the client or patient you wish to link the VetCheck communication to
  • Click on the VetCheck NEW button within the patient history
  • Visit the handout or form section
  • Locate a handout or form you wish to share
  • Click on "single-share" button
  • The client details should pre-fill this modal
  • Enter any other optional information e.g. date of appointment or procedure, admission times, procedure estimates
  • Click SHARE
  • Advise the customer that a summary of your discussions has been sent to their email and they should receive within a few minutes and if not to check their junk/spam box

To edit a handout:

  • Locate a handout you wish to share
  • Click on "edit"
  • Enter your permanent edits
  • Select "edit preferences" in the edit toolbox. Here you can update the handout title or add key searchwords for easy recall at a later date
  • Click "save"
  • A newly created edited handout will be stored within the system for your use only
  • You will be able to identify your handout from the list as it will have the last edited date on it

To create a NEW handout:

  • Click on 'CREATE NEW HANDOUT' button at the top right hand corner of the handouts
  • Create your handout by adding text, videos, and images (Note: The banner cannot be changed)
  • Select your preferences in the edit toolbox. Here you can update the handout title or add key searchwords for easy recall at a later date
  • Click SAVE
  • A newly created edited handout will be stored within the system for your use only

Looking for a resource, or wanting an medical illustration? Email our team at [email protected] and we will try to help you out!

Online forms are convenient for both veterinary teams and their customers. When shared via VetCheck, customers can complete online on any device and simply click 'send' to return the completed form straight back to the vet practice. Practices can store the form results in their practice management software.

To edit the forms "text" box only:

  • Locate a form you wish to edit
  • Click on EDIT
  • Enter your permanent copy changes e.g. adding legals, pricing
  • Click SAVE
  • The form will be saved with the permanent text changes

As part of the membership, VetCheck offers unlimited form edits and no charge. Simply email your form edits to [email protected] . VetCheck will create new forms for practices - fees apply depending on the size of the form.

PLEASE NOTE: Editing of radio buttons, text fields and checkboxes can only be done by VetCheck - please email your desired changes through to [email protected]

Looking for a form or wanting to make an edit to the form? Email our team at [email protected] and we will try to help you out!

To share an incomplete form to the client:

  • Firstly select the patient or client you wish to share the form to
  • Click on the VetCheck button within the patient record
  • Locate a form you wish to share
  • Click on SINGLE-SHARE
  • Enter the optional details that are specific to the client e.g. reason for admission, estimate details, admission time
  • Click SHARE

Setting up VetCheck communication automations

VetCheck multi-share links can be set up by visiting VetCheck within a separate browser and not from within the practice management system.

  1. Open VetCheck ( from outside of Ciderhouse within a Chrome browser
  2. Log in as usual with the same username and password
  3. Locate the VetCheck communication
  4. Click on the share button
  5. Click on "generate a share-link"
  6. Copy the link
  7. Paste this link into your SMS or email reminder system or attach it to a product or service code within Ciderhouse

VetCheck makes it easy for you to keep these communications up to date. Simply update them within the VetCheck plugin and an automatic update will occur across these multi-share links.

Digital certificates

With VetCheck Plugin, you can create digital vaccination and health certificates. Within the patient history, open the VetCheck Plugin by clicking on VetCheck NEW button. Under the form section, locate the certificate and the information should pre-populate with all the relevant information. Simply review the information and sign and click share at the botton of the form. A copy of the digital certificate will be emailed to the client and a copy to the practice's email address.

Please note that a request may need to be put into your practice management system provider to set this feature up.

Storing Patient Communications


To view all shared VetCheck communications, click on the VetCheck DOWNLOAD button. All VetCheck communications will appear as links that can be clicked to open in a browser.

Something's not working

We've gathered a list of the most common questions:

I just signed up online. What next? Great! We will be in contact with you to organise a logo for your VetCheck communications as well as details for where you wish your customer emails to be downloaded to. It may take 24 hours before your logo can be viewed.
How can I add my practice logo to the digital handouts/forms? Currently, we manage the logo uploads. If you wish for the logo to be changed, please email us at [email protected]
How can I increase the client completion rate of our practice forms? The average completion rate of digital forms is around 57%. To increase this rate, always let the client know that a form is coming by email, share the forms 3-7 days before the procedure, and review the incomplete form list daily and send a reminder.
The handout or form did not appear within the patient history. Only handouts and forms that are shared from the patient history will be saved to that patient history. You must click on the VetCheck DOWNLOAD button within the patient record to view these communications.
The customer says they never received their practice communication. Occasionally, email messages are mistakenly delivered to the Junk Email folder instead of the inbox. It's always a good idea to advise the pet owner to check their Junk Email folder if they haven't received your communication within a few minutes and make sure your client's email address is up to date within your practice management system.
Can I suggest topics for client handouts or request forms? We welcome feedback and suggestions to enhance the VetCheck system. Please email us at [email protected] .
Can I print the client handouts and forms? The handouts and forms have been optimized for use on digital devices such as tablets and smartphones. You can use your devices standard print options to try and print these resources however they have not be set up for this usage.
How can we update the vet practice details? Email us from the businesses registered email address at [email protected] .

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Please review the latest VetCheck Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Please submit any questions to [email protected]